Key Features for Clubs & Land Trusts

Administrator Portal

This is a simple administrator dashboard with step-by-step instructions on how to set up your club’s property, boundaries, activities and user roles. Administrators also have access to suite of reports and charts that show specific activities, e.g. harvests over time.

User Management

With iSportsman, you can easily create a landowner or individual account to check into areas and record activity information. Landowners can login to monitor the volume of user activity or to invite new users to recreate on their property.

Area Management

Landowners and recreationists can set up boundaries around their property or favorite spot to record specific activities or open and close schedules. Landowners can also set occupancy limits based on historical data.

User Sign-in/Out

iSportsman provides an intuitive digital sign-in board for recreationists within your land’s boundaries. For individuals, this allows you to view which areas are occupied in real time before making the trek. Landowners can customize check-out surveys to collect observation or harvest data to gain a more complete picture of overall land health.

Activity Management

iSportsman can manage an unlimited array of activities, whether they’re broken down by season, year, or other qualifiers. The iSportsman service provides simple step-by-step instructions to guide you through the set up, making the process a one-and-done ordeal.

Custom Reporting

iSportsman is a data-driven platform that allows recreationists to collect data organically through system use. This affords client administrators more time to analyze data and improve wildlife and habitat management regimes.

Trail Camera Management

iSportsman enables you, as the landowner, to manage public and private trail cameras linked to your land or personal account. The iSportsman platform intuitively stores all of your trail camera footage for you in one place.

Community Newsfeed

With iSportsman you can provide a built-in newsfeed on the home page of your administrative portal. You can use the community newsfeed to provide vital updates, share community information, and promote conservation and success stories.

“The iSportsman team has always been quick to respond. iSportsman has responded to us at 0700 on a Saturday, which both shocked and impressed me. iSportsman is the epitome of quality customer service, and we very much appreciate the entire iSportsman team.”

Derek Moon

Yuma Proving Grounds/Conservation Branch Chief

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