Born out of Conservation Leadership

Deeply connected to our military and natural resources, iSportsman was created to help bridge the gap between the harvest information collected from hunting and fishing to habitat management.

Following many years of providing wildlife management, forestry, and T&E species support across multiple military bases, we identified that more hours were going into data entry than was going into developing and executing proactive management regimes.

It was out of this experience, that in 2005 iSportsman was conceived . Then in 2007, we launched the very first deployment at Patuxent Naval Air Station, where for the first time, hunters and anglers were able to check-in and out using a web-browser in the field and enter their harvest information directly into a wildlife management database. Today, we are proud to be the trusted outdoor recreation management system for our nation’s most sensitive military bases. Additionally, we are now able to offer the same level of data collection and user-friendly engagement for commercial entities, nonprofits and individual sportsmen and sportswomen.



Aneil Kumar

CEO, President

David Lillard

Executive Vice President

Dave Mapstone

Director of Client Services

Jeromy Shane

Director of Operations

Elliot Loper

Director of Business Development

Community Impact


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Community Outreach

iSportsman has the rare opportunity to directly connect with many of our service members; active, retired and veteran along with all military family members. Within this community, there are a number who have sacrificed physically and mentally for the rest of us; therefore we owe it to them and their families to provide as comfortable of a life as we can offer. For iSportsman, this means providing support for the various non-profit groups that create opportunities for this community of disable service members to get outdoors and do things the love or maybe try something new.


iSportsman is proud to be part of a community of outdoor people delivering outdoor solutions. Our partners share in our mission to get more people outdoors and to encourage greater conservation from users. By sharing their experiences with us, these people help those that create outdoor opportunities to improve the management of our natural resources.

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