Key Features for Government Operations

Customized Website

The iSportsman service gives every government client a fully-customized website, hosted on the client’s network, that provides the public and users with vital program information. The iSportsman-customized website provides out-of-the-box user friendly UI to organize important program information.

User Management

Recreationists can easily create a profile within your client site to purchase permits, check in to areas, and record activity information. Administrators can log in to monitor user activity volume and issue safety notices such as Be On the Lookout (BOLO) alerts.

Permit Sales

The iSportsman team will set up permits for each client depending on the purchaser type and activity. Permit funds are accessible in client accounts in real time. iSportsman offers the knowledge base of a team experienced in working with for the benefit of federal customers.

Area Management

Through iSportsman, clients can build digital files of program area blocks, sub-areas, and assets such as duck blinds. The iSportsman platform then ties specific activities and users to pinpoint locations for enhanced data collection. This process is spearheaded by iSportman’s experienced team of system experts and is built on client-specific information.

User Sign-in/Out

iSportsman enables you to know who is recreating, and where, through your program by utilizing user check-in and check out parameters. You can also build customizable check-out surveys can be built to collect observation and harvest data providing your program a comprehensive picture of land health.

Activity Management

iSportsman can manage an unlimited array of activities, whether they’re broken down by season, year, or other qualifiers. iSportsman activity management logic is fully customizable through the iSportsman service, including lottery services for limited access activities.

Custom Reporting

The iSportsman service is a data-driven platform that allows recreationists to collect data organically through system use. This allows client administrators more time to analyze data and create better wildlife and habitat management regimes.

Built-in Safety Briefs

The built-in safety brief functionality helps to reduces program liability by having recreationists review safety and training videos and acknowledging their understanding of the information. With iSportsman, every recreationalist can commit to safer recreation.

User Messaging

The iSportsman service utilizes an integrated messaging system, allowing client administrators the tools to send email and SMS text messages to a specific individuals, groups, or populations in the platform. Keep recreationists within your program safe in the instance of extreme weather conditions or other time sensitive events.

“When it comes to customer support, the iSportsman staff is quick to resolve issues. Customers don’t have to wait long to get recreating on the land you manage.”

Justin Smith

Natural Resource Specialists, USAG Alaska