Our partners share in our mission to safeguard natural environments and promote outdoor accessibility.


HAMS.ONLINE is Europe’s largest digital platform designed to manage hunting and conservation activities on estates, clubs, and public lands. HAMS.ONLINE provides the tools necessary to support a community of sportsmen with the highest standard of sporting and conservation ethics while providing intelligent data for sustainable nature. As part of our partnership, HAMS and iSportsman have introduced an app-driven service: iSportsmanARX. iSportsmanARX allows landowners, outfitters and hunt club managers to optimize administrative tasks and the data collection of activities and harvest on their properties. Visit HAMS.ONLINE for more information.

Avenza Maps

Avenza Maps operates on the cutting edge of GIS information technologies, offering a mobile device application that allows users to locate themselves on custom maps built by iSportsman’s GIS specialists without having to rely on internet. iSportsman utilizes Avenza Map’s unique publishing service to offer our community over 100 detailed maps which can be personalized with individual recreationist data. The accessible service Avenza Maps provides allows iSportsman to maintain a high-quality safety standard when providing GIS information. Visit Avenza Maps for more information.

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