Key Features for Commercial & Non-Profit Groups

Administrator Portal

Let the iSportsman team build a customizable portal that allows you to open your land to recreationists with confidence. Through the portal, you can view who is on your land, and what activities they are enjoying, all while collecting data organically.

User Management

Recreationists can easily create a profile within your client site to purchase permits, check into areas, and record activity information. Administrators can login to check on the volume of user activity and control occupancy limits.

Permit Sales

The iSportsman team will set up permits for each client depending on the purchaser type and activity. Permit funds are accessible in client accounts in real time. iSportsman offers the knowledge of a team experienced in working with multiple third-party pay clients.

Area Management

Through iSportsman, clients can build digital files of program area blocks, sub-areas, and assets such as duck blinds. The iSportsman platform then ties specific activities and users to pin point locations for enhanced data collection. This process is spear headed by iSportman’s experienced team of system experts and is built on client specific information.

User Sign-in/Out

iSportsman grants you the benefit of knowing who is recreating, where, through your program by utilizing user check-in and check-out parameters. You can build customizable check out surveys to collect observation and harvest data providing you a comprehensive picture of land health.

Activity Management

iSportsman can manage an unlimited array of activities, whether they’re broken down by season, year, or other qualifiers. iSportsman activity management logic is fully customizable through the iSportsman service, including lottery services for limited access activities.

Custom Reporting

iSportsman is a data-driven platform that allows recreationists to collect data organically through system use. This affords client administrators more time to analyze data and improve wildlife and habitat management regimes.

Trail Camera Management

The iSportsman service enables you, as the landowner, to manage public and private trail cameras linked to your land or personal account. The iSportsman platform intuitively stores all your trail camera footage for you in one place.

Community Newsfeed

With iSportsman you can provide a built-in newsfeed on the home page of your administrative portal. You can use the community newsfeed to provide vital updates, share community information, and promote conservation and success stories.

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