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Create More Time for the Outdoors

Create More Time for the Outdoors

Create More Time for the OutdoorsCreate More Time for the Outdoors

What We Do

Reduce Paperwork


We take your existing process of spreadsheets, statements and checklists  and use them as a model to customize a web-based system that can queried and produce reports from anywhere

Increase Access


By giving you the tools to open or close areas to activities, real-time, and from any device, we create more opportunities for access.

Automate Data


 iSportsman fully automates the data collection and reporting required for your outdoor recreational activities in a secure FedRAMP Environment

How We Do It

Registered Users Buy Permits


As soon as your program has been built into the iSportsman system, You can invite your users to register and buy permits. We work with many merchant processors, including Pay.Gov

Schedule Access in Advance


Especially powerful tool for large land owners is the ability to create a schedule for access up to a year in advance while retaining the ability to make real-time changes for restoration activities or hazards.

Users Check In/Out


Registered users can log in and check in/check out to land areas through their smartphone for open activities that you setup in the system. You can also send group or individual email, text messages or emergency alerts.

Collect User Experience Data


Have your users answer a few short questions when they have finished enjoying their time outdoors to help manage wildlife populations or improve experience

Create Custom Reports


Now that you have all the critical data that you need to manage your resources, you can query and kick out custom reports to excel or print to .pdf

24/7 US Based Help Desk


iSportsman is based right here in Virginia where we maintain our help desk to address client issues from around the globe. 

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While I encourage you to comment directly on my blog posts, you can also contact me directly. I love to hear about the challenges that other people are setting for themselves. Send me a message, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


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