What We Do

Automate Customer Interactions

Engage in the life-cycle of every customer from initial registration to activity participation to follow-up surveys and reminders on a single platform. No more paper forms or cumbersome processes to track and merge. Virtually eliminates need for face-to-face interaction and keeps you operational around the clock during times like the COVID-19 crisis.

Keep Information Safe

Totally FEDRamp-compliant, iSportsman meets the stringent requirements set by the Federal government and DoD to keep user and program data safe, Online sales for federal clients are conducted through integrated Pay.gov security gateways for super secure transactions. Collected data is protected like Fort Knox. In fact, Fort Knox actually uses iSportsman!

Improve Access & Safety

Real-time management of recreational areas means you can balance visitor capacity for protection of sensitive areas and an optimal - and safe - outdoor experience. Close areas that pose a risk and redirect recreationists to the best spots to enjoy in a moment's notice. Notify users in the field via their smartphones when conditions suddenly change.

How We Do It

Register & Manage Users

The iSportsman registration process is fully automated and simple to use allowing users to register in seconds from any computer or mobile device anytime it is convenient for them. Manage that user's account for ease of tracking their activities, places visited and for communicating program updates from your office or the comfort of your home.

Sell Permits/Products

Whether you sell permits/passes or give them away, iSportsman has an easy setup, easy-to-use and secure e-commerce solution for you. You can even sell products with funds going directly into your account as the sale is made. We work with multiple third-party pay clients, including Pay.gov for our Federal customers.

Check In/Out of Areas

Don't guess how many people are enjoying access to the resources you provide. Know. Any minute, any day, real-time knowledge of who is where and doing what helps you make better informed decisions about your program while ensuring the utmost safety for recreationists and maintaining security in sensitive areas.

Collect Real-Time Data

Whether it's harvest surveys for hunters and anglers as they check out from an area or activity or satisfaction surveys of hikers and birdwatchers on impressions of their experience, seamlessly collect the data you need to guide your program forward from users who can easily enter it right into their smartphone while that experience is fresh in their minds.

Create Custom Reports

Now that you have collected all of the critical data you need to manage your resources and your overall program, you can query and kick out custom reports to Excel or print to pdf, from anywhere, anytime. Got a briefing of the boss coming up or need to make emergency decisions, pull the most up-to-date data in a matter of minutes.

Reach Our US-Based Help Desk 24/7

iSportsman is based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, where we maintain our Help Desk to address client issues anytime a question or concern needs to be answered. We have 24-hour trouble ticket reporting, and in the rare event of a critical issues, clients can often reach company owners directly so they can go straight to the top for rapid resolution.

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