Who We Are

iSportsman is the leading recreational program management solution in the nation, serving as the enterprise-level provider for the U.S. Army’s and U.S. Air Force’s hunting, fishing and firewood permit sales programs. iSportsman has been delivering SaaS and customized solutions to meet the needs of large-scale recreational programs for more than 12 years and currently manages permit sales, access control, reporting and more for more than 9.3 million acres of forest, fields, trails and waterways across the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii. iSportsman serves nearly 300,000 unique users—a number that grows daily—in more than 23 states…many of them serving in our nation’s armed forces.

By the Numbers

iSportsman is the little tech company with a giant footprint. We are the gateway to outdoor recreational access for millions of wild acres and hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts each year.


Acres across the U.S. managed by iSportsman for outdoor recreation


additional dollars were raised by our military clients selling permits through iSportsman in 2018


unique users participate in recreation through iSportsman


permits sold through iSportsman in 2018 alone


check-ins and checkouts to recreational areas were conducted through iSportsman in 2018


of the U.S. population lives within a half-day drive or less of an iSportsman-managed location

Manage Countless Activites

In addition to hunting, fishing and firewood sales programs the possibilities are virtually endless for the activities iSportsman can be used to manage. Other key activities our service is currently used to manage includes:

  • Hiking
  • Mountain Biking
  • Camping
  • Boating
  • Beach Access
  • Canoeing/Kayaking
  • Wildlife Watching
  • Commercial Pine Straw Collection
  • Recreational Shooting
  • Disc Golf

Key Functions, Key Value

iSportsman is a one-source solution to handle all of your recreational program management needs. Our SaaS guides the total user-experience from first contact, info sharing and registration to permit sales, involvement in activities and reporting the results of those activities.

  • Information Dissemination
  • Registration of Users
  • Permit Sales
  • Free Permit Availability
  • Reservations
  • Safety Briefings
  • Area Access Control
  • Harvest Reporting
  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Automated Alerts and Reminders

Real-Time Benefits

Boost Revenues

Automating processes such as permit sales and sharing key program information online lowers costs by reducing manpower requirements to carry them out. Automated tools to reach out to registered users makes it easy to market permit renewals, upcoming opportunities and important reminders such as permit deadlines.

Enhance Security

Automatically control and monitor access both outside and indoors to know who is active and when they are active in the areas under your program’s responsibility. Program administrators and security personnel can quickly log-in to determine who and how many people are in an area. Our service provides a number of tools to aid security and law enforcement personnel to better monitor who is in secure areas and verify when someone is where they are not supposed to be.

Improve Safety

Know where visitors/recreationists are active and alert them to changing conditions or reach them in the event of an emergency through iSportsman. Weather, training area activities on military bases, wildfire or other dangers can require administrators to evacuate areas quickly. iSportsman provides the tools to do that. It also provides a more accurate starting point to initiate search-and-rescue operations should a person not return when they are supposed to.

Increase Efficiency

Few organizations have the luxury of excess manpower. Often faced with reduced availability of staff, personnel can be directed to other vital tasks needed to improve overall operations. With iSportsman automating many management functions, it frees up available team members and volunteers for other required tasks essential to carrying out the mission of your agency.

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