News | September 2, 2020

Welcome to Our New Website

It has been a long, slow time in coming as we have gone back and forth in trying to determine what would make a great site to showcase the services iSportsman offers to those shopping for great cloud-based recreational management software, but also provide the more than quarter-million registered iSportsman users with a resource to find new places to hunt, fish, hike, bike and generally recreate in the great outdoors. A business website with end-user friendly information doesn’t always mesh well. But, we think we’ve come pretty close with this.

But then, we’ve always been about trailblazing new paths. When iSportsman was first just an idea in the Virginia Beach, Virginia, offices of AScIS, then a natural resources and environmental services firm largely serving the federal government, there were really no companies that offered web-based recreational management software with the level of features iSportsman does today. Certainly, none that offered one-stop shopping for information, registering for activities, purchasing permits or access, checking in and out to activities and then reporting the experience so managers had a single solution for managing their program. There still really aren’t any that deliver all of that in one solution. But that’s another story for another time.

Here, we wanted to showcase to those interested or just learning about iSportsman with a quick snapshot of who we are, what we do, how we do it and even where we typically do it. That information is front and center on our Home, About and Pricing pages (or tabs) of the site.

iSportsman has always been about making access to the outdoors easier so hunters, anglers and other outdoor enthusiasts spend less time trying to sign in and out of areas or secure permits and more time actually doing what they love…being outdoors. With that focus still in mind, we’re again blazing new trails with this site by starting to share more information to help every day outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen…heck, even outdoorskids. On our Content page, we will begin to regularly feature important outdoor news, tactics to help you in the field, gear and share information to showcase great places to enjoy the outdoors.

Our Partners page will also showcase those companies iSportsman is closely working with to help improve the iSportsman experience for both our direct clients and their hundreds of thousands of users. If you’re a company that would like to partner with us, let’s talk. Just click here for contact info to talk partnerships.

So check back often, call us if we can help you, stay healthy and get outside…it’s the one thing we can all still do during these crazy, challenging times.

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Welcome to Our New Website

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