Places | October 26, 2021

Score Big on Over-the-Counter Elk 

Over-the-counter tags are what most Western big game hunters must settle for when it comes to elk as those cherished limited-draw units only go to a lucky few each season, while landowner tags and high-dollar private-land hunts are out of reach for many as well. But quality elk hunting and successful harvests are not only for those select hunts. Big elk still abound on open land. You may just have to work a little harder. Knowing an elk, knowing the area and knowing the elk in the area, while basic, is the key to a successful season. Experienced mountain hunter Remi Warren with Western Hunter shares tips from his experiences and successes so that 400-inch bull can become more than a dream for you as well. 

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Photo courtesy of Jim Paris
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Score Big on Over-the-Counter Elk 

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