Gear, News | May 1, 2020

ScentLok Camo Masks for the Masses

As people around the globe anxiously anticipate the return of some sense of normalcy in their corner of the world, one thing remains clear: normal may not be normal for quite some time.

What began as directed behaviors to “flatten the curve” and prevent healthcare systems from becoming overloaded now appear to be here to stay – at least for the foreseeable future. And so, hopeful people everywhere are adapting to the tenets of social distancing, hoping that by heeding government orders and guidelines to remain six feet apart, stay home when possible, and wear face coverings when entering occupied public spaces, they’re doing what is required to curtail the further spread of COVID-19 and, ultimately, to help hasten the return of social and economic normalcy.

Recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and mandated by the governors of many states, the use of cloth face coverings in public spaces is one of the more outward reminders of what our “new normal” will look like throughout the United States.

“As businesses begin to reopen around the country… as people start traveling again and are permitted to gather in larger numbers, it appears that face coverings are going to be common – if not required – for a long time,” says Aaron Ambur, president and CEO of Nexus Outdoors, parent company to ScentLok Technologies.

Given strong sales of existing face coverings and Nexus Outdoors’ ample sourcing and manufacturing resources, Ambur says he and his team in Muskegon saw an opportunity to supply the public with a new mask design that was even more well-suited for everyday wear, while opening up a new revenue stream to help fund the preparation and delivery of at-home meals for kids in need in their local community.

The new ScentLok Essential Facemask is comfortable, adjustable and offers the additional protection of carbon filtration.The masks provide comfortable protection and regulatory compliance for when folks need to venture out, while also allowing us to contribute critical dollars to the Muskegon, MIchigan-based company’s local Kids’ Food Basket Program.

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ScentLok Camo Masks for the Masses

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