Tactics | August 20, 2021

Quick Planting Tip: Lime Aid

Lime may be the most important friend the amateur wildlife manager has when it comes to growing lush food plots. 

By Doug Howlett

A proper pH of 6.5 to 7 will yield the most lush growth from plantings, but unless you’ve been hitting the soil with lime for several years or planting in an existing ag field, it’s unlikely you’re going to be anywhere near that. In most areas, soils will be more on the acidic side. While a soil test is absolutely recommended before undertaking plantings (most county soil and conservation offices will analyze your soil samples for free), if your budget is tight and you’re considering chintzing out on one or the other, DO NOT forego the lime.  

Lime will get you much farther in yielding positive results from seed than worrying about fertilizer, and if something happens that you don’t plant when you planned on it, lime continues to benefit the soil, while fertilizer loses its effectiveness after about 30 days. A good rule of thumb is to apply 4,000 pounds per acre to new ground the first year, but truthfully, any amount will help. 

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Quick Planting Tip: Lime Aid

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