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Tactics | September 23, 2021

Finish Strong this Dove Season

Limit out on doves even as the opening weeks of season wear on. By Doug Howlett For many hunters, those first shots at fluttering doves...

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Tactics | September 20, 2021

5 Bad Habits When It Comes to Waterfowl

Most hunters like to share the tips that work with others so they can be successful, too. But sometimes, it’s just as important to learn from others’...

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News | September 20, 2021

Treestand Safety September

September is Treestand Safety month, and whether you’re a long-time stand hunter or using one for the first time here is everything you need to know to...

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News | September 17, 2021

Biden backs Trump’s Decision to Lift Gray Wolf Hunting Restrictions

USFWS solidifies ruling to remove species from protected list.  By Matthew Carroll    Late last week, the Biden administration released a statement saying they intend on upholding the Trump administration’s...

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News | September 17, 2021

The Most Dangerous Selfie

A video posted to Twitter by user Lazaro Rios shows a black bear walking toward a group of hikers, singling out one woman from the group...

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Places | September 10, 2021

When to Poison all the Fish in the Lake

The Utah Department of Natural Resources has a serious issue in Navajo Lake; a species of fish has become overpopulated, pushing out other fish species....

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