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Tactics | December 9, 2020

Hunt the Front for Whitetail Success

The Weather Channel along with an arm’s long list of weather apps have become essential gear for sportsmen, particularly deer hunters.  Regardless of the time...

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Tactics | November 23, 2020

Fast-Strike Deer Tactics

Remember these key points when attempting to move in on a big buck during the rut. By Doug Howlett Accessing a likely big buck hot...

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Tactics | November 18, 2020

Five Top Rut Setups

By Doug Howlett Check out these top five critical terrain features common to virtually anywhere in whitetail country and setup for the ultimate rut-time ambush....

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Tactics | September 26, 2020

Preseason Prep Series Part 3: Create Buck Structure

Try this cool buck-attracting trick (but only if you are hunting land you own).  By Doug Howlett Want to create a deer magnet in the...

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Tactics | September 25, 2020

Preseason Prep Series Part 2: Identify Mast and Secondary Foods

To score big on opening day, know what foods deer are focusing on.  By Doug Howlett During a scouting walk of your hunting property, whether...

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Tactics | September 16, 2020

Preseason Prep for Whitetails Part 1: Identify New Bedding Cover

As deer seasons open in some areas and draw close in others, the time to finish preparing is now.  By Doug Howlett The forest is...

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