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News | March 31, 2021

Avoiding Ground Shrinkage

Ground shrinkage, the phenomenon where a hunter misjudges the size of a buck’s rack and thinks it is much larger than it actually is, only...

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Tactics | January 28, 2021

Post-Rut December Rattling Attracts Mature Bucks

Top Texas whitetail scientist Mickey Hellickson spent three years studying the movements and behaviors of mature bucks. A large portion of that research discovered massive...

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Tactics | January 20, 2021

5 Top Ice Fishing Tips

  Ice fishing in late winter can be a great way to wet a line. Check out this advice on how to do it safely...

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Tactics | December 9, 2020

Hunt the Front for Whitetail Success

The Weather Channel along with an arm’s long list of weather apps have become essential gear for sportsmen, particularly deer hunters.  Regardless of the time...

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Tactics | November 23, 2020

Fast-Strike Deer Tactics

Remember these key points when attempting to move in on a big buck during the rut. By Doug Howlett Accessing a likely big buck hot...

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Tactics | November 18, 2020

Five Top Rut Setups

By Doug Howlett Check out these top five critical terrain features common to virtually anywhere in whitetail country and setup for the ultimate rut-time ambush....

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