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News | June 30, 2021

Special Lottery Leaves Hunters Scrambling for Entries

The hardest part about taking down an elk isn’t actually the hunt itself; the real challenge is winning those pesky lotteries. Many lotteries allow for...

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Gear | June 24, 2021

Not So Rare Air

Stalking giant porkers with air rifles puts the challenge back into Texas hog hunting…or hog hunting anywhere for that matter.  By Doug Howlett Luke Clayton...

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News | June 23, 2021

California is Stocking the Ocean with Salmon

Young salmon are being trucked to the sea, and here is why.   By Matthew Carroll   There has been debate in the hunting community over whether or...

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Places | June 23, 2021

The Best Hog Hunting States

Intro by: Nick Zahniser Feral hogs are one of the most harmful invasive species that populate the United States. They are not so dangerous to...

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Places | June 8, 2021

The Best Western Spots for Your Summer Trout

Intro by Nick Zhaniser Trout is an extremely common species of freshwater fish, with a variety of rivers, streams, and lakes offering plenty of chances...

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News | May 25, 2021

Black Bear: The Other Spring Craze

Turkeys may be the main game in town when it comes to spring hunting, but for true adventure, other hunters look to black bears. Story...

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