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News | September 23, 2021

2021 State-by-State Deer Hunting Forecast

What happens when you pair outdoor writer Brian Lovett with one of the most trusted brands in outdoor media, Outdoor Life, as deer season 2021...

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Places | September 10, 2021

When to Poison all the Fish in the Lake

The Utah Department of Natural Resources has a serious issue in Navajo Lake; a species of fish has become overpopulated, pushing out other fish species....

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Places | July 20, 2021

Top 8 Mule Deer Spots

While the whitetail may be king as our nation’s most populous and wide-ranging big game animal, the opportunity mule deer hunting affords the western hunter...

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News | July 20, 2021

Amy Siewe, Python Hunter Extraordinaire

With a population thought to be as large as 300,000, the Burmese python is taking over the Florida Everglades. Fortunately, one huntress is doing her...

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News | June 30, 2021

Snow Geese Dilemma

The spring snow goose conservation order had one goal in mind when it was founded in 1999: reduce light goose populations by half over a...

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News | June 30, 2021

Tasmanian Devil Wipes out Penguin Population

It may seem like penguins have it easy. They always seem to be on island time. They have plenty of friends. There is plenty of...

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