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Gear | June 8, 2021

5 Things Every Boater Needs to Do

By Matthew Carroll  With many people home, schools closed and the outdoors one of the few safe things people could enjoy during the Coronavirus-induced shutdowns...

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Gear | June 3, 2021

JNJ Apparel Establishes Itself as a Company on the Rise

At a time when many college students are simply trying to survive the upcoming exam and make it to the next big party, University of...

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Gear | May 25, 2021

Top 5 Hunting Stands of 2021

Our picks for an elevated chance this year.  By Matthew Carroll  For many Eastern and Midwestern deer hunters, deer stands are almost as essential as their bow...

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Gear | May 20, 2021

Waters Warming Up For Walleye

By: Victoria Tillinghast As we are now getting well into spring, the waters are warming up and that means walleye in the North.   It’s time for what calls, “The Post Spawn.” Post...

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Gear | February 22, 2021

From Field to Table to Date-Night

Spice up the spoils of your deer season with Hank Shaw’s cookbook Buck, Buck, Moose. By Victoria Tillinghast Some hunters believe canned meat is the...

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Gear | February 15, 2021

Always by Your Side

How to get more enjoyment out of outdoor life with your canine companion. By Victoria Tillinghast   Not every outdoorsman has a field dog as...

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