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Our Story

iSportsman was first conceptualized in 2005 to assist our DoD clients with their wildlife management programs while keeping an audit trail of receipts for record keeping. In 2007, a beta system was developed by our parent company, Applied Sciences and Information Systems, Inc (ASciS). ASciS is a Virginia based software development company with a long history of providing services and solutions to natural resources industry. 

With the help of clients, wildlife biologists and outdoorsmen who could see the vision of our system as a more efficient and convenient way to manage outdoor recreational programs, ASciS released the first version of it Interactive Recreational Sports Management System coined as iSportsman a couple years later for Naval Air Station, Patuxent River.


About iSportsman


What is it?

iSportsman is a web-based service designed to provide up-to-date program information to administrators and users, alike. This is done through a web service which provides complete on-line management for wildlife management programs. System features include: safety briefs, permit sales, area and activity scheduling, online check-in/Check-out, and harvest reporting. With iSportsman, it is about providing the tools, functionality and flexibility that Program Managers need to take as much control of their Program as they would like.


How it works

iSportsman helps connect interested recreational users to your program. Whether it is hunting, fishing, camping, hiking or wildlife watching, iSportsman allows you to easily and cost-effectively maintain an attractive website and robust system on our servers. Our system allows you to to share vital program or facility information with registered users. They can pay for and print their permits or you can require an "in-person" purchase to validate individuals. You establish a schedule for activities and area availability. Once users have finished recreating, they can Check-out and complete a survey to collect all your reporting data.


Versatility of the iSportsman

While iSportsman was initially adopted by hunting and fishing programs, it is designed to be easily configured for managing many other outdoor activities, such as boating, camping, hiking, biking, wildlife viewing and much, much more.

iSportsman is the total recreation management and program solution.